Jeff Posey and Mike Camarillo

Next Lodge Adviser Announced

Mike Camarillo will be Next Lodge Adviser

Grand Canyon Council Scout Executive and CEO, Andy Price, announced our lead volunteer adviser for Wipala Wiki Lodge. 

Meet Mike Camarillo

Mike is our current Associate Adviser and has been involved with Scouting since he was a Cub Scout and later an Eagle Scout. Mike is a Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow and was recognized with the Order of the Arrow Founder’s Award. As a youth member, he was a Chapter Chief and Lodge Vice Chief. He served our country in the Navy during Desert Storm and is a veteran. As an adult, he is active with the Ponderosa District in the northern part of our council. 

We wish Mike well in the next few years as our next Lodge Adviser. He will be installed at our Winter Banquet. 

Thank you outgoing Lodge Adviser, Jeff Posey.

We want to thank our current Lodge Adviser, Jeff Posey for his years of service with the Order of the Arrow and specifically as time as Lodge Adviser. Jeff advised our youth during one of the toughest times of Scouting history during the initial and current part of the Covid-19 pandemic. We thank Jeff for his leadership and his attitude. 

Jeff will continue to serve Scouting in a few different roles, but proud father will be his primary role to his son, who was inducted into the Order just a couple years ago.